Balboa D1000R1(x) Circuit Board, Dynasty Spas

Balboa D1000R1(x) Circuit Board, Dynasty Spas
  • Manufactured by: Balboa Water Group, Inc.
  • Chip Number: D1000R1(x)


Item Number: 22-1162

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Please read entire page before placing an order.

This new OEM circuit board is for replacing Balboa circuit boards having a D1000R1(x) chip number.

The Balboa D1000R1(x) circuit boards are also found in hot tubs made by Dynasty Spas and possibly others.

Tip: The "(x)" shown above is shorthand for a range of last letters on D1000R1 chip numbers this circuit board can replace.

Please note: A list of chip numbers this circuit board can replace is specified in the CROSS REFERENCE VERIFICATION section below.

Please Note: The numbers on the new circuit board you receive may be different and the components may look slightly different but it will still connect the same and it is a fully compatible OEM replacement .
Cross Reference Verification
Tip: Locate the chip number on the circuit board you are replacing.
Tip: The whole chip number is on a sticker located on the circuit board (not the box).
Tip: The chip number sticker usually has two lines of text and the top line is the whole chip number (the bottom line is not needed).
Tip: See image above for an example of a chip number sticker and where they're typically found on the circuit board (click the image to enlarge it).

Verify the chip number on the circuit board being replaced placed is in this list.

Chip Numbers:
  • D1000R1A
  • D1000R1B
  • D1000R1C
  • D1000R1D
  • D1000R1E
  • D1000R1F
Additional Cross Ref., Compatibility & Installation
If a wiring diagram is shipped with this new circuit board (or emailed) then it shall override your existing wiring diagram.

Otherwise, set wires and/or jumper pins and/or dip switches on the new circuit board to match how they are on the existing circuit board (assuming the old circuit board is already set correctly as per the original wiring diagram on the existing control box).
System Control Box Serial Numbers
Tip: The system control box is usually located below the hot tub and the circuit board mounts inside of it.

Please note: System control box serial numbers cannot identify a circuit board.
Please note: Do not use this section for confirmation of making the correct purchase.

The Balboa D1000R1(x) circuit board can be found in the following hot tub system control boxes (but not limited to).

System Control Box Serial Numbers:
  • 51565-06
Tip: When replacing a hot tub circuit board, testing the heater and replacing it (if bad), is recommended before installing or applying voltage on a new circuit board.
Note: A continuity test is not a sufficient heater test. Contact us by phone for more details on testing a heater.
See RELATED PRODUCTS below for heater replacements.

Tip: Burned circuit boards or burned heater relays are often due to a loose electrical connection or a bad heater or both.
If all connections are tight and if the heater is good then the heater relays are probably old and worn out.
If a burned relay was powering a pump and all electrical connections are tight then the relay is probably old and worn out or the pump might be bad or going bad or all three.
Replacing the heater and/or pump with a new one is recommended if any of those scenarios apply.

Tip: Items shown in RELATED PRODUCTS below have also been found in hot tub systems with Balboa D1000R1(x) circuit boards.

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  • Manufactured by: Balboa Water Group, Inc.
  • Part Number: D1000R1(x)
  • Item Number: 22-1162

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