Marquis 740-0584 Heater, 4.0KW, Smart Clean

  • Manufactured by: Marquis
  • Part Number: 740-0584


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Item Number: 20-46-5806

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The Marquis 740-0584 flo-thru heater assembly has the following features and specifications.

Series: Smart Clean (but not limited to, unless specified otherwise above).
Manifold Length: 12"
Manifold Diameter: 2"
Stainless Steel: Yes
Heating Element Included: Yes
Kilowatt Rating: 4.0KW / 1.0KW
Voltage Rating: 240V / 120V
Mounting Studs: Yes
Number of Mounting Studs: 4
Clip for Sensor: Yes
Temperature Sensor Included: No
Hi-Limit Sensor Included: No
Pressure Switch Included (A.K.A. Flow Switch): No
Number of Threaded Taps: 1
Threaded Tap Location(s): Pressure switch tap 12 O'Clock.

  • Manufactured by: Marquis
  • Part Number: 740-0584
  • Item Number: 20-46-5806

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