Hydro-Quip 27-V310-5T-K Heater, 4.0KW, Titanium, Vertical

Hydro-Quip 27-V310-5T-K Heater, 4.0KW, Titanium, Vertical
Hydro-Quip 27-V310-5T-K Heater, 4.0KW, Titanium, Vertical
Hydro-Quip 27-V310-5T-K Heater, 4.0KW, Titanium, Vertical

  • Manufactured by: Hydro-Quip, Inc.
  • Part Number: 27-V310-5T-K


Item Number: 20-52-4055

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The HydroQuip 27-V310-5T-K vertical low-flow heater assembly is a 4.0KW universal heater that can be utilized to replace heaters in Leisure Bay Hot Tubs, Gatsby Spas, Dimension One Spas, Hurricane hot tubs and more.

The HydroQuip 27-V310-5T-K heater features a titanium element, a heater "ON" indicator light, a built-in manual reset (for Hi-Limit errors), 3 pressure switch taps (pressure switch not included), a reversible foot bracket, an adjustable sensor cover (sensor not included), two 1" barbed ports, one piece of 1" x 12" tubing, two 3/4" x 1" barbed adapters, one 3" x 1" 90 degree barbed tailpiece, installation Instructions and a 60" power cord with a 3-pin Amp plug (mates with connector on heater) and three terminals (for power connection to a circuit board or relays).

ATTENTION: Things to consider when using the HydroQuip 27-V310-5T-K heater to replace other heaters.
Tip: In the world of hot tub terminology, a "pressure switch" and a "flow switch" is the same part.

1. The original tubing may need to be exteded or replaced with longer tubing in order too reach the new heater.

2. If your system has a pressure switch, the wires on the pressure switch may need to be extend in order too reach the new heater and the tap location on the manifold.

3. Your current pressure switch can be re-applied (if still functioning properly), however, we recommend replacing it when replacing the heater.
If your current pressure switch mounts in a threaded tap on the heater manifold, we recommend replacing it with the Tecmark 3029 stainless steel pressure switch because the stainless steel lasts longer and with less frequent leaks than plastic pressure switches.
If your current pressure switch mounts in-line with 3/4" tubing then the HydroQuip 34-0221-K pressure switch can work (the connector may need to be cut and the old connector spliced in depending on your circuit board's connection).

4. The original low flow heater often attaches or mounts to the control box.
This replacement heater has a reversible boot with holes provided in the metal base for screws or bolts to secure it too a substrate.
Typically this replacement heater is mounted on a wood floor (substrate).
If there is no wood floor then (depending on enough available space) a square piece of plywood (pressure treated if possible) can be a mounting solution (if it can be made and fitted big enough to prevent the heater from tipping over).
Another mounting option would be to strap the new heater too the control box with wire-ties (if applicable depending on hot tub model, control box style and available space under the hot tub).

Tip: Going from a 5.5KW heater to a 4.0KW may consume a little less electricity, may be slightly easier on relays because slightly less amperage will be applied and may have a slightly longer heat recovery time, however, many customers have expressed they don't notice a difference.

The Hydro-Quip 27-V310-5T-K (Titanium 4.0KW) low-flow heater assembly has the following features and specifications.

Additional Hydro-Quip Part Numbers: 27V3105TK
Series: Vertical (but not limited to, unless specified otherwise above).
Manifold Length: 12-3/8"
Manifold Diameter: 5-3/4" x 4-1/2" (with 1" barbed ports)
Stainless Steel: Yes
Element Grade: Titanium
Kilowatt Rating: 4.0KW / 1.0KW
Voltage Rating: 240V / 120V
Clip for Sensor: Yes
Temperature Sensor Included: No
Hi-Limit Sensor Included: No
Pressure Switch Included (A.K.A. Flow Switch): No
Number of Threaded Taps: 3
Threaded Tap Location(s): Pressure switch taps one @ 3 O'Clock, one @ 6 O'Clock and one @ 9 O'Clock.
Tail Pieces Included: Yes (removable)
Tail Piece Size: One 3" Male Buttress Threaded x 1" Barb At 90 Degrees (removable)

Cross Reference
The Hydro-Quip 27-V310-5T-K heater can also replace the following part numbers (but not limited to).


Therm Products:
E2550-0202ET, E2550-0202-1, E2550-0202, E2550-0202ET-1 , E2550-0204, E2550-0204ET, E2550-0102ET

AquaTemp Products:
26-00141, 26-00107

Therm Products:
E2400-0202, E2400-0202-1, E2400-0204, E2400-0204ET, E2400-0003

Therm Products (for Dimension One):

The Hydro-Quip 27-V310-5T-K heater can be replaced by the heaters shown below in RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Manufactured by: Hydro-Quip, Inc.
  • Part Number: 27-V310-5T-K
  • Item Number: 20-52-4055

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