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Hydro-Quip 26-0011-7S-K Heater, 5.5KW, Cal Spa, XL 5.5, Aftermarket

  • Manufactured by: Hydro-Quip, Inc.
  • Part Number: 26-0011-7S-K


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Item Number: 20-46-5881

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The Hydro Quip 26-0011-7S-K heater assembly is an aftermarket replacement for Cal Spa OEM XL heat exchangers (5.5KW).

This is not a heat exchanger (the old inefficient technology with the element wrapping around the outside).
Instead, this drop-in aftermarket replacement has a newer design using an inline wet element inside the flo-thru tube (better efficiency).

It has two thermo grooves (with cover), a pressure switch tap and an aluminum metal box.
Pressure switch and sensors are not included.

The heating element is a 5.5KW standard element (not titanium).
With proper water chemical balance, standard elements can last a very long time.

This replacement may come with two additional wires with male and female terminal ends that are usually not utilized.
If your system normally doesn't use the additional wires, it is ok to conect them together, otherwise connect them they way your system noramlly uses them.

The Hydro-Quip 26-0011-7S-K flo-thru heater assembly has the following features and specifications.

Series: XL 5.5, Aftermarket (but not limited to, unless specified otherwise above).
Manifold Length: 15"
Manifold Diameter: 2"
Stainless Steel: Yes
Heating Element Included: Yes
Kilowatt Rating: 5.5KW / 1.375KW
Voltage Rating: 240V / 120V
Clip for Sensor: Yes
Temperature Sensor Included: No
Hi-Limit Sensor Included: No
Pressure Switch Included (A.K.A. Flow Switch): No
Threaded Tap Location(s): Pressure switch tap 6 O'Clock.
Tail Pieces Included: Yes (removable)
Tail Piece Size: 2" x 2" (removable)

Cross Reference
The Hydro-Quip 26-0011-7S-K heater can also replace the following part numbers (but not limited to).

Cal Spa:
HEA14100120, HEA14100121, HEA14100300, HEA14100310, CALHEA14100401, HEA14100401, HEA14100401-09A, HEA14100470, XL5.5, XL55

Spa Components:

Therm Products (Thermcore):
C2550-0011, C2550-0011-100, C2550-0011TI, C2550011, F2550-001, F2550-0001, F2550-0001-ET, F2550-0011, F2550-0011-100, F2550-0011-101, F2550-1100-100

26-0011-F-RS-K, 26-0071-XL, 26-0071FXL

The Hydro-Quip 26-0011-7S-K heater can be replaced by the heaters shown below in RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Manufactured by: Hydro-Quip, Inc.
  • Part Number: 26-0011-7S-K
  • Item Number: 20-46-5881

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