Watkins 73790 Heater, 6.0KW, No Fault 6000, IQ2020, IQ2000

Watkins 73790 Heater, 6.0KW, No Fault 6000, IQ2020, IQ2000
  • Manufactured by: Watkins Manufacturing Corp.
  • Part Number: 73790


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Item Number: 20-52-6020

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The Watkins 73790 No Fault 6000 PDR heater assembly can replace heaters in Hot Spring and Tiger River hot tubs from 1995 to 2002.5.

The existing 3/4" vinyl tubing and thermistors will connect with this heater.
A wrench may be needed to loosen the termistors.
Typically the sensors go back in hand tight only but in some cases a lightly applied wrech is needed.

This is a PDR heater (power down reset).
Simply power down the hot tub, wait 30 seconds and the heater will be reset.
No more having to remove the cover too press the manual reset button like on the old heaters.
But keep in mind: a heater that needs to be reset is often a sign of a bad heater and/or bad heater relays and should be replaced

ATTENTION: This heater connects directly to the circuit board or heater relays.
It does not have a plug on the end of the power cord.
Hot tubs from 1995 to 1996 will need to re-use the old power cord plug and splice it into this new heater's power cord end.

Some spa techs prefer to use the Watkins 73791 (4.0KW) on 230V hot tubs because the 4.0KW is easier on aging 30AMP GFCI breakers.
The Watkins 73791 is listed below in Related Products.
Amperage Ratings:
Watkins 73790 = 25 AMP @ 230 volts
Watkins 73790 = 16 AMP @ 230 volts

If a red light is blinking on your hot tub, there may be a problem with the circuit board.
Give us a call and ask about getting your hot tub circuit board repaired.

The Watkins 73790 low-flow heater assembly has the following features and specifications.

Series: No Fault 6000, IQ2020, IQ2000 (but not limited to, unless specified otherwise above).
Kilowatt Rating: 6.0KW / 1.5KW
Voltage Rating: 240V / 120V
Temperature Sensor Included: No
Hi-Limit Sensor Included: No

Cross Reference
The Watkins 73790 heater can also replace the following part numbers (but not limited to).

Therm Products:

26-C3160-1S, 26-C3160-1S-A

Therm Products:

72797 (Trumpet Style)

The Watkins 73790 heater can be replaced by the heaters shown below in RELATED PRODUCTS

  • Manufactured by: Watkins Manufacturing Corp.
  • Part Number: 73790
  • Item Number: 20-52-6020

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