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Balboa Circuit Board, BC2003R2(x), Alt Replacement

  • Chip Number: BC2003R2(x)
  • Manufactured by: Balboa Water Group, Inc.


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Item Number: 22-0746

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Please read entire page before placing an order.

For a money saving option, give us a call and ask about getting your circuit board repaired.

This money saving alternate replacement is for replacing Balboa circuit boards having a BC2003R2(x) chip number.
Tip: (x) = the last letter of your chip number.

This alternate circuit board will have a different serial number and a different chip number.
If you want to spend more money for a circuit board with the same number, you will need to click on the button (above) for all replacements too see if the original is stocked.
This alternate replacement is made by the same manufacturer with the same durability and quality.
This alternate replacement has been verified as a working replacement.
See below for feature changes or feature loss (if any).
See below for install instructions (if any are needed).
Cross Reference Verification
Step 2 of 2:
Make sure your circuit board's chip number is in this list.
Tip: The whole chip number is on a sticker located on the circuit board.
Tip: The image above shows an example of a chip number sticker.

Chip Numbers:
  • BC2003R2A
  • BC2003R2B
  • BC2003R2C
  • BC2003R2D
  • BC2003R2E
  • BC2003R2F
  • BC2003R2
  • BC2003R2(x)
Additional Cross Ref., Compatibility & Installation
ATTENTION: This replacement circuit board can ONLY be mounted in BC2000R2(x) systems with a metal control box.
Do NOT place this order if you have a plastic control box.
Instead, please give us a call for other replacement options.

ATTENTION: If your hot tub system has an electric air blower, pump-2 will operate as a single speed pump.
If there is no electric air blower then pump-2 will operate as a two speed pump.
Other Replacement Options
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  • Chip Number: BC2003R2(x)

  • Manufactured by: Balboa Water Group, Inc.
  • Item Number: 22-0746

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