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Great Lakes Spas 52578 Circuit Board, 2002LER1(x), Alt Replacement

  • Part Number: 52578
  • Chip Number: 2002LER1(x)
  • Manufactured by: Great Lakes Spas


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Item Number: 22-9576

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This is an alternate replacement circuit board (same manufacturer) and can save you money.
Please read entire page before placing an order.
Cross Reference
See photo (above) for tips on locating the chip and serial number (a.k.a. part number).

You must match one chip number and one serial number.

Chip numbers:
  • 2002LER1A
  • 2002LER1B
  • 2002LER1C
  • 2002LER1D
  • 2002LER1E
  • 2002LER1F
  • 2002LE
  • 2002LER1
  • 2002LER1(x)
Serial numbers:
(a.k.a. part number)
  • 52578
  • BAL52578
Additional Cross Reference, Compatibility & Installation
Changes in functionality:
The stereo voltage output plug is no longer provided, however, this circuit board has extra terminal spade connections where voltage is present and therefore can be used to power the stereo's power supply.

Additional information:
The topside keypad panel MUST be a Serial Standard or Digitial Duplex and it also MUST have a phone plug type connector.
If your topside keypad control panel doesn't have a phone plug type connector or if it isn't a Serial Standard or if you are unsure - please call us before placing your order.

This circuit board works with systems that have a pressure switch (a.k.a., flow switch).
Not sure what that means?
Give us a call, we are here to help!
Other Replacement Options
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  • Part Number: 52578
  • Chip Number: 2002LER1(x)

  • Manufactured by: Great Lakes Spas
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
  • Item Number: 22-9576

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